Kizomba Yoga
The focus of Kizomba Yoga is to find the authentic connection with your essence and with that as a fundament relate to your dance partner. We will learn how to find a deeper awareness and control of the body. It is the art of moving with awareness. Dancing with the heart and soul.

The practice:
Yoga Flow (strength, balance and flexibility)
We will explore and learn different Yoga poses and sequences, which are specially designed by Yogindra for Kizomba Dancers. Each pose complementing Kizomba movements.
Dance (connection, energy, musicality)
We will practise different exercises through our dance, to create a TRUE connection with our dance partner and the music.

From a flow sequence, dancing, energy partner exercises, and connecting from the heart, to playful practices cultivating trust & surrender. 

The Elements

Balance awareness.
In a Kizomba, Semba and any urban Kiz dance, balance is key. Do you actually know how to keep your balance? You might think you do and during this workshop find out you really don’t. The good news is at the end of the workshop you will. Or you will know all the tools to truly find your balance.
As the leading dance partner do you know how to hold your own balance and at the same time how to help your dance partner to find his or her own balance? You may have your own balance, but you might very well push your partner out of it. We will go through different exercises and poses to practise balance and to know all the do’ s and dont’s in balance itself and in leading and following in balance steps, turns, dips. (Core awareness will always be part of balance.)

Body awareness.
You can move the body, because you learned a move. In time it becomes an automatic movement, so that you do not need to use the mind. What if you can let go of the mind and the moving itself while you move. At the same time you can have awareness of sensations which those moves evoke. Which sensations are evoked by the music. Evoked by your dance partner. By your state of mind while you move. There is no body without the mind. No mind without the body. They are inseparable. Then there is the difference of moving the body as a whole and it’s body-parts or moving while creating micro-bodymovement. Moving the organs, moving small muscles and moving with the cells. This is all key for true body awareness.

Core and Breath Awareness.
We can all build a six-pack if we want to and find the discipline to work out enough. What’s more important is; can you with or without a 6pack move each part of the belly in the way you would like? Can you hold different parts of the abdominals, to keep your balance and stability in the dance? This is part of core awareness. We will go through different techniques to support the core. Belly dancing, isolations and breath work. To explore how to strengthen, control and soften the front of the body and move through our breathing. The body is already automatically moving with the breath. We will explore how to use these breath-movements to our advantage and emphasize them, during a Tarraxinha or in your lady- or men styling.

Music awareness.
We will find ways to become one with the music, by exploring tools to let go of using the mind and getting caught up in our thoughts, making it impossible to really enjoy and listen to the music. Do you sometimes catch yourself thinking about the day or about which step you are going to make next, instead of being with the music and the dance? Can you notice the emotions arising through the music? Can you notice the way your dance-partner hears the music? He or she might hear very different parts of the music. We will explore different ways of listening and feeling the music. How to tune in to the music and the dance on a deeper level.

Energy awareness.
Are you aware of your own energy? Did you notice the difference in your dance after a bad day or a good day? The difference in your energy while you enjoy the vibe of the party or the moment are not having a good time? Are you aware of your dance partner? Do you really see him or her? Do you really dance with him or her? (I mean not with yourself and taking your dance partner along with your dance) Kizomba is a dance of connection. Are you actually connected as a union through the dance? We will go through different aspects of energy in you in your own being and in you with a dance partner. Leading and following awareness is part of energy awareness.

All the different Yoga Poses and sequences we practise will create space in the body to let go off stiffness and stretch the muscles, the bones and connective tissues. We emphasise stretching and opening in the areas which are useful for Kizomba dancing.
The more stiff you become the less you can move. We want to have and create space in the body so we can move with the fluent hip movements and chest movements, which are key for your Kizomba Dance. This part is also great for the men, because they have even more tendency of habits and movements which pull the muscles tighter together.

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